This past Sunday Jorge Lorenzo won his 5th World Championship title in professional motorcycle racing.

The title was determined at the final round in Valencia, where Jorge qualified with pole position and took advantage of one of his classic starts to lead each of the 30 laps. It was a nerve-wrecking race, but Lorenzo managed to pull away from the dueling Hondas of Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez, and finish ahead of teammate Valentino Rossi to secure the championship.

Lorenzo’s 2015 success took off at Round 4 of the Spanish GP, where he claimed his first GP victory of the 2015 race season. The Spaniard continued with a winning streak of 4 races, the first in Spain followed by Round 5 at Le Mans, Round 6 at Mugello, and Round 7 at the GP de Catalunya.

During his consecutive wins, Lorenzo set new personal records and beat existing records, leading 102 continuous laps to surpass Casey Stoner’s record. The racer led a total of 274 laps this season, 188 more than Marc Marques, the next rider in line.

The streak came to an end, but Lorenzo would win three more rounds in Brno, Aragon, and a very important Valencia, to take seven total GP victories in 2015.

Jorge found himself on the podium of 12 races, which kept his points up to remain competitive with Valentino Rossi.

The 28 year old worked very hard to be in the best physical and mental shape of his career. His determination to reach the championship got him through tough races and controversial distractions; he remained fast and focused throughout the season.

Lorenzo wore his signature HJC RPHA 10, debuting an Astronaut special at Round 10 in Indianapolis.

Here at HJC, we look forward to the excitement that 2016 will bring.

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