2013 MotoGP R13, Misano World Circuit, Italy

After getting his 4th victory of the year at the legendary Silverstone track, HJC rider Jorge Lorenzo was hoping to carry his momentum into Misano where he has won 2 of the last 3 races.

HJC Rider Jorge Lorenzo had high hopes going into Misano. He has won 2 of the last 3 races at Misano. Before the event started HJC rider Jorge Lorenzo and his team decided to try the new seamless gearbox during the race. However during the first 4 free practice runs the new seamless gearbox didn’t look promising. Despite the disappointing free practice runs, HJC Rider Jorge Lorenzo was able to place second in qualifying, right behind championship point’s leader Marc Marquez . Following qualifying, HJC rider Jorge Lorenzo stated, “I expected to struggle less this weekend and go faster than last year, but I couldn’t be faster and I couldn’t improve the bike so much,” He also added “We improved a little, but not enough to be closer to Marc. He made an amazing lap.” “I will try to make a good start tomorrow and maybe the best strategy is to follow Marc and see how our performance is during the race.”

Once again HJC rider Jorge Lorenzo had a great start of the line. During Lorenzo’s great start, pole setter Marquez fell into the third spot, behind his teammate Dani Pedrosa and HJC rider Jorge Lorenzo. By taking the early lead, Lorenzo was able to avoid the battle between Pedrosa, Rossi, and Marquez. With the 3 battling for 2nd & 3rd it helped HJC rider Jorge Lorenzo build a race lead close to 4 seconds. With his early lead HJC rider Jorge Lorenzo never looked back and won his 5th race of the year. Only 5 races to go HJC rider Jorge Lorenzo is 34 points behind point’s leader Marc Marquez.

After the race Jorge Lorenzo stated, “It is important to win, because we don’t lose points but we only recovered five points, so it is the same as Silverstone. But I am very happy for this victory, because we struggled a lot during the weekend especially on braking.” Lorenzo also added, “Really I want to say a big thanks to my team as they improved the bike a lot for this race.”
The next race will be on September 29th at the Grand Prix of Aragon. This is where HJC rider Jorge Lorenzo hopes to get his 6th victory of the year and closer to the championship points leader Marc Marquez.

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