The RPHA 90 is the most compact modular motorcycle helmet in the world. The helmet’s super-light weight is a result of the compact shell constructed of HJC’s very own Premium Integrated Matrix  (P.I.M.+) shell material. This technology provides enhanced shock resistant performance and superior aerodynamics while maintaining comfort for riders.

The RPHA 90 is designed for comfort during a long journey, but it is also convenient for short rides and frequent stops. The chin bar lifts with ease to a modular position for rider convenience.  The helmet accommodates riders who wear glasses with HJC’s Glasses Groove built into the interior.

The shield’s perfect seal permits riding in any weather environment, wherever adventure might take you, by keeping water, dust, and noise out. The tight seal, combined with noise canceling interior, allow for a relaxing ride so riders can remain focused.


Beware of counterfeit helmets.

Beware of websites that ship from regions outside of North America.

Beware of unauthorized sellers on Amazon or eBay.

  • Amazon accounts that are “directly fulfilled by HJC Helmets” are not authorized dealers.
  • HJC’s distributors cannot process a warranty claim if you purchase directly from an Amazon or eBay account that is not supported by an authorized HJC dealer.

Beware of heavily discounted helmets from HJC’s current product line.

  • Authorized HJC dealers are required to follow a strict MAP policy that only allows current product price to be advertised at a maximum of 10% below MSRP.

Beware of counterfeit product.

  • HJC helmets sold by authorized dealers in North America will comply with DOT regulations and will have the official DOT sticker on the bottom rear of the helmet.
  • HJC helmets sold by authorized dealers will come with HJC branding on the product and packaging, and will include a product manual.
  • If you have received a counterfeit product, contact your bank to report fraudulent activity.
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