The NEW RPHA 70 ST is made with HJC’s very own Premium Integrated Matrix (P.I.M. Plus) technology to provide enhanced Shock Resistant performance, superior aerodynamics, more comfort, and an extremely lightweight shell.  Designed to replace its predecessor, the RPHA ST, this helmet has a number of advancements.

The RPHA 70 ST full-face helmet features a Dual Purposed Top Vent for maximum air circulation and a newly designed Lower Vent and Open Close Rear Vent to maximize air intake and allow air to flow with ease from front to back. The Emergency Kit cheek pads assist with emergency helmet removal.

A drop-down, interior sun shield provides superior visibility with Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. The RPHA 70 ST is ideal for riders who want both the lightweight of racing helmets and the comfort of touring helmets.